Travel Offerings – 2014/2015

What's in store for you in 2014/2015? Will you venture where you have never gone before? Will you step foot on a new continent, will you sail a new sea, will you watch the sun rise or set in a new corner of the world. Will you hear a new language, will you taste a new food, will you encounter new customs and will you make any of them your own? Will you return to your ancestral home, will you stand where Napoleon stood, or Plato, or Beethoven?  Will you cruise the route of Shackleton to Antarctica, Cook to Tahiti or Vespucci to the Amazon?  Accommodations have changed a lot since those very early voyages.  

Will you push your own limits like Lindbergh, Columbus, Magellan or Peary? Will you stand outside the Hermitage in St. Petersburg and imagine you hear the first shots of the Bolshevik Revolution? Will you spot the minarets of the Blue Mosque as you approach Istanbul from the Bosphorus Straights?  Will you zip-line through the jungle canopy in the rain forests of Costa Rica?  Will you don scuba gear and drift down "the wall" off St Croix, ascend the slopes of Kilimanjaro, will you climb into a hot air ballon at dawn and drift silently over the plains of the Serengeti or will you float by the medieval castles on the Rhine River?  

Where will you become a foreigner, a visitor, a guest? What will you choose to bring back from your visit? What will stay with you the longest, what will change you forever? There has never, ever been a better time to travel and never so many options.  May some place new and wonderous adventures await you in the year ahead.  We'll be ready when you are and remember there's more to travel than the simple act of ticketing.

IMPERIAL CHINA, 10 and 15* day fully escorted tours, air inclusive (lax/sfo), Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and a cruise on the Yangtze River*, special cultural and educational trip, 5 star hotel accommodations (outside cabins on the cruise), english speaking guides, meals, sightseeing, entertainment and more*. Spring and Fall $2,199.00 and $2,999.00 p/p dbl occ plus air taxes and fees.

NORTHERN HIGHLIGHTS of ITALY, Incomparable and memorable, 10 day fully escorted tour, Venice, Padua, Florence (Pisa), Assisi, Rome  and more, sightseeing, portage and ground transfers, first class accommodations, meals, special air add-ons available, multiple departures. Spring and Fall $2,199.00 p/p dbl occ plus air taxes and fees.

PANAMA and CONTADORA ISLAND CASINO RESORT, International (lax) and in-country air, Panama City and Canal tours, 8 days/7 nights, 2 nights first class El Panama Hotel, breakfasts included, round trip shuttle air, 5 nights at the Contadora Beach Hotel/Casino, all inclusive, golf tennis, white sand beach, 3 restaurants, 2 pools, swim-up bar and more. Shoulder and Winter season departures. $$1,979.00 p/p dbl occ plus air taxes and fees.

EXOTIC ASIA, 16 day fully escorted tour, international (lax/sfo) and domestic air included, visit Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket, Kanchanburri, Ayutthaya), Singapore and Hong Kong, portage and transfers, knowledgeable english speaking guides, 5 star hotels, sightseeing (temples, markets, silk and flowers shows, factories, cultural visits, dinner dance shows and entertainment), ustoa bond and insurance. Spring and Fall departures $2,699.00 p/p dbl occ plus air taxes and fees.

AMAZING AUSTRALIA, 13 day escorted tour with international (lax) and local airfare. Visit SIDNEY including: Harbor Cruise, Opera House, Fort Denison, historic Rocks, cosmopolitan Kings Cross, Watson Bay, famous Bondi Beach, trendy Paddington, koalas and kangaroos at the Wildlife Park. MELBOURNE including: Parliament House, National Gallery, Captain Cook's Cottage, Fitzroy and the Botanical Gardens. CAIRNS: Tjapukai Aboriginal Park and optional Barrier Reef Cruise.  Multiple departures - May, June, July and August $2,999.00 p/p dbl occ plus air taxes and fees.

CALIFORNIA RIVERS,  Whitewater Rafting and Encampment Expeditions, 3 to 5 class rafting on California's King, Kern, Tuolumne, American or Russian Rivers, extended weekend experiences with licenced, experienced, knowledgeable guides, season early June thru late August.  Individual and group quotes, pricing from $399.00 per adult - no children under 16 - private transportation required, brochure, trip information and trip registration forms available on request.