Don't you really want to know what's out there? It has been said that there are those things that one must do in their lifetime.  You should view the lights of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, walk the warm desert sands on a moonlit night in the shadow of the Sphinx, sail the crystal clear lagoons of tropical Tahiti, mount the marvel of the Great Wall of China, see Petra, Machu Picchu and Ephesus, discover the wonders of an African Safari, transit the Panama Canal or cruise the mighty and mysterious Amazon River. Remember, there's Bangkok and Bali, London and Lisbon, San Francisco and Shanghai, Moscow and Montego Bay, Rio and Rome, so many places, so much wonder and so little time. You really do need a travel plan and a knowledgeable travel planner.

Whether your travel experience is limited or broad, starting today, we resolve that we will begin our journey and adventure with the first step, our first trip in experiencing the culture, the people and the places of our dream destinations. To that end Signature Travel Series is offering a variety of travel options for your consideration. Some of these trips we will escort personally, others are created for individual travel advantage and still others are simple diversions or special entertainment opportunities.  Remember it's less about where and when you travel and more about being open and amenable to the wonders of new life experiences.